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Athirma is mentioned in the article of Jameel Hadi, University Lecturer. Member of Social Pedagogy Professional Association, Chair of Special Interest Group on Association and Young People. Read the full piece here.

02.08.2018, Thessaloniki


Athirma at the Kibble Event

Athirma is proud to be enlisted on the insights from the Kibble event from the Social Pedagogy Development Network!  Details here.

19.07.2018, Thessaloniki

SPPA and Athirma!

Athirma enlisted in the newsletter from the Social Pedagogy Professional Association!  Check it out here.

18.07.2018, Thessaloniki

Athirma celebrates World Refugee Day with Hellenic Red Cross

World Refugee Day yesterday (20th of June) and Athirma was at MFC to celebrate the day with children from all backgrounds.

Somewhere, somehow, somewhen, something happened...

Children listened a tailored made story describing the birth of the Multi-Functional Centre, and interacted with each other dreaming and deciding on what should be included at the activities offered from MFC.

With materials and all sort of crafts refugee and local children sat around one table and depicted their ideas on paper and mini-models of MFC.

Children should be the main designers of the future and this was our reward today; children living in the same city, regardless background, designing what is needed for this city through their eyes of Innocence and Hope.

21.06.2018, Thessaloniki

Support our Kickstarter campaign!

We want to run the first retreat and training centre in North Greece for professionals and volunteers, from all around the world, working with children and families.  Check out our campaign here and spread the message.

18.06.2018, Thessaloniki

Collaboration with Hellenic Red Cross for the World Refugee Day

On June20th,  2018, members of Athirma's team will participate to the celebration of World Refugee Day, at the Multi Functional Center (MFC) of the Hellenic Red Cross with an interactive activity with children. See the schedule (in Greek) here.

17.06.2018, Thessaloniki

Discovering and protecting ourselves from germs.

On the 10th of May 2018, members of Athirma and their germs, played and informed children of a kindergarten of Thessaloniki, as part of the broader project "Hygiene programmes for children of pre-school age

10.05.2018, Thessaloniki

We would like to thank deeply Mr. Charalambos Kasmeridis, owner of the shop “The Write
(84 N.Zoidi Str., Komotini), for designing and printing for free our professional

We would like to thank deeply the graphic designer, Mr. Anestis Neiros, for designing our
We Would like to thank deeply Mr. Anastasios Papalias, teacher of music technology and
computer science
, for providing technical support to our team.

07.05.2018, Thessaloniki

Project in progress...

Stay tuned for more!

04.05.2018, Thessaloniki

Athirma is proud to announce its participation at the Special Interest Group “Social Pedagogy, Association and Participation” of the Social Pedagogy Professional Association.


The first meeting was held on the 25th of April 2018.

The “Social Pedagogy, Association and Participation” Special Interest Group hopes to promote the inclusion and recognition of individuals as resourceful social actors. It aims to address the challenges faced by professionals, in facilitating individual leadership and involvement – removing barriers to participation. Athirma is the only actor representing proudly Greece due to our recognition in the field of Social Pedagogy.

25.04.2018, Thessaloniki

Athirma participated in the 4th Learning Mobility of students and teachers Erasmus + project with the title of “Promote Integrated environment to guarantee refugees acceptance


Unaccompanied refugee children living in North Greece and students from Belgium, Germany, Greece, and Italy participated in workshops facilitated by Athirma with the aim of achieving well-being through improved communication and cooperation at school.

05-09.03.2018, Thessaloniki

Project ID: 2016-1-DE03-KA219-022875_5


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