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This website is owned and operated by ‘Athirma’. By accessing the ‘Athirma’ website, you are agreeing to comply with the hereby ‘Terms and Conditions of Use’, as well as the applicable laws and regulations. The materials contained in the ‘Athirma’ website are covered by the applicable relevant copyright and trade mark law, and these ‘Terms and Conditions of Use’ fully comply with the relevant legal provisions of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulation, which replaced the 1995 EU Data Protection Directive, and went into force on May 25, 2018.  


If you disagree with any of the ‘Terms and Conditions of Use’, you are prohibited from using or accessing the ‘Athirma’ website. Please feel free to contact us at athirma@athirma.com should you have questions regarding our ‘Terms and Conditions of Use’, including our privacy policy.



Personal Information and Data collected by ‘Athirma’.


‘Athirma’ will never collect your personal identifiable information unless you provide it voluntarily. By providing your e-mail address to the ‘Athirma’ website requesting to be enrolled to the ‘Athirma’ newsletter list, you comply with the ‘Terms and Conditions of Use’ of the ‘Athirma’ website and the relevant legal provisions, as stated above and you allow ‘Athirma’ to contact you, in order to provide you with updates on the progress of its projects; to improve its services and to personalize and improve your experience. ‘Athirma’ assures you that your e-mail address will never be used or shared with other organizations or websites for commercial purposes.


If you for any reason decide that you don’t want to receive our e-mail in the future, please let us know by sending your request via email to info@athirma.com.


‘Athirma’ may disclose your personal information to the Authorities, should ‘Athirma’ be compelled to perform such actions by law or a regulatory authority. Moreover, ‘Athirma’ may disclose your personal information to the Authorities in cases when ‘Athirma’ has reason to believe that doing so is necessary in order for legal actions to be taken against anyone causing harm (either intentionally or unintentionally) to ‘Athirma’, according to these ‘Terms and Conditions of Use’.




General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulation.


‘Athirma’ will process your personal information in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulation, as mentioned above, including and not restricted to the following requests: the issue of access to your personal information that you knowingly provided to ‘Athirma’ as aforementioned, as well as the issue of correcting, deleting or restricting access to your personal information upon your request.


‘Athirma’ will always respect the privacy of all personal data of those supporting Athirma’s cause, whether you are a webpage visitor, donor or participant in our mailing lists. Regarding donors or prospective donors, all personal information as well as information on offers, will remain strictly confidential under ‘Athirma’, including Athirma’s staff and volunteers, unless a different permission is obtained for the release of such information to a third party.


‘Athirma’ will keep and use your personal information as described in these ‘Terms and Conditions of Use’. ‘Athirma’ shall not in any case be held liable under any circumstances for damages resulting from use of information collected from visitors of the ‘Athirma’ website, given that the visitors voluntarily provided ‘Athirma’ with their personal information, as mentioned above.



User License.


You are allowed to temporarily download the materials of the ‘Athirma’ website strictly for individual and non-business use. This is the just a permit under which you may not: modify or copy the materials of the ‘Athirma’ website; use the materials for any commercial use, or for any public presentation (individual or business); attempt to decompile or rebuild any product or material contained in the ‘Athirma’ website; remove any material contained in the ‘Athirma’ website, subjected to copyright, as stated in these ‘Terms and Conditions of Use’ or transfer the materials contained in the ‘Athirma’ website to someone else or even "mirror" the materials on other servers, for either individual or business use. This permit might consequently be terminated if you do not follow these conditions of use as hereby stated and may be ended by ‘Athirma’ whenever deemed necessary. At the end of permission, you are obliged to destroy any downloaded materials contained in the ‘Athirma’ website that you have in your ownership either in electronic or printed form.


In no occasion should ‘Athirma’ be held responsible for any harm caused (including loss of information or benefit, or because of business interference) emerging from the utilization or inability to utilize the materials on the ‘Athirma’ website, regardless of whether or not ‘Athirma’ was informed verbally or in written form of the possibility of such harm.


Amendments and Errata.


The materials showing up on the ‘Athirma’ website could incorporate typographical, or photographic mistakes. ‘Athirma’ does not warrant that any of the materials on its site are finished or completed. Hence, ‘Athirma’ may roll out improvements to the materials contained on its site without further or special notification. ‘Athirma’ does not, then again, make any dedication to update the materials.





‘Athirma’ is not responsible for any websites or links connected to the ‘Athirma’ website and is not responsible to check the information provided in any such connected website. The incorporation of any active link does not in any way suggest the support of ‘Athirma’. Utilization of any such connected website lies at the website owner’s own risk.



Site Terms of Use Modifications.


‘Athirma’ may revise these ‘Terms and Conditions of Use’ at any given moment without relevant notice in advance. For this reason, please feel free to check for updates to these ‘Terms and Conditions of Use’ on a regular basis, in order to always be updated. By using this site you accept to fully comply with the above ‘Terms and Conditions of Use’.



Governing Law.


Any arising legal issue relevant to the ‘Athirma’ website will be settled under the Greek legal framework and by the competent Greek Court.

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