Workshops and Trainings

All our workshops and trainings use an experiential approach and aim at linking theory and practice, always trying to be tailored to the needs of your work environment. We aspire to maintaining the relationship that is built between trainer and trainee, which will evolve together with the creation of a supportive space for the exchange of ideas.

  • The use of storytelling in the workplace

  • How can storytelling be used in supervision? How can storytelling change the way a professional thinks? How can storytelling help a service user to identify and overcome daily obstacles? Through this training seminar the professional will be acquainted with the method of storytelling as a tool for the development of his/her work practice.  

  • Caring about oneself and the other  

  • The carer in order to care about the other needs initially to care about him/herself. Participants will be introduced to the two sides of care as a term and will be trained in relevant methods and tools.   

  • Practical implementation of Social Pedagogy

  • Participants will have the opportunity to experience how the values of Social Pedagogy can be implemented practically in various fields

  • Communicating and understanding the child through the prism of  Social Pedagogy

  • Social Pedagogy and residential care

  • Participants will have the opportunity to experience the practical implementation and the benefits of Social Pedagogy at children’s homes, shelters and other  care placements.

  • Social Pedagogy and foster care

  • Improving the working relationships through Social Pedagogy

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